Coimbra Gym Fest

Coimbra was another whirlwind! We arrived mid-afternoon, picked up our accreditation, checked into the hotel and went to training. The hotel was nice, but the bus schedule was a mess so we ended up taking taxi’s to and from the gym most days. The venue was really pretty and attached to a mall. Coimbra is a school city, and we had lunch at a school every day that was super modern and artsy, I loved it!

The food, across the board, was just ok. The mall next door was a saving grace quite a few times! The competition went alright. Tramp wasn’t great again, but Tumbling was a bit better. I didn’t do the end skill in my one prelim pass so I wasn’t overly happy with that, but finals was better. I was second going into finals and ended the meet in second. The kid that won deserved it, so that was good.

The banquet was at a really cool hall/venue that had a DJ playing outside with a nice view of the city and live music inside. Definitely one of the coolest banquets I have ever been too!

We saw even less of Coimbra than we did Santarem, but I would probably go back to Coimbra. It was an hour car ride from Porto, and they said it was only half an hour on the train, so it is a definite possibility!

My friend and I flew out the Sunday morning to Nice, France!