Christmas 2017


As per most of my family, I have a slight tacky gene. I like to think that my aesthetic is Gold + Black, but sometimes I really do have to reign in it. I think I fall somewhere in between my mother’s lawn decorations and a minimalist; a happy medium. So my cousins asked if I wanted my Grandma’s old tree because I only had a little, half-sized one and they didn’t want to get rid of my Grandma’s tree; so I said yes. I went out and got some decorations – gold and black, naturally, as to go with the rest of my decor. I did get a ribbon to go on the tree and I do not like it. That will be removed for next year.

Another hot detail I forgot to mention was my Grandma’s porcelain village. When my Grandma was sick and the family was going through her things, we all got asked what we wanted. I chose the village because I adored it so much as a kid and I thought I would be the only one to do it justice in the family, because similar to the Norma, I like to go big when I do things – ain’t no room for subtly with this village. So the village has been sitting in my parents garage for a couple years but since I got my own place this year, it was the first thing they dropped off (I don’t blame them). It was in my storage cage in the parkade, so I went to get it, and it was literally the biggest plastic bin ever. I hurt my back a titch at the Tumbling camp a few weeks ago and I had to drag this huge ass bin to the third floor, end of the hallway. By the time I got it to the condo, I was pissed and over Christmas.

I set up the tree and decided to build the village around a la my tree would be the villages tree (clever, borderline genius, am I right?). I decorated the tree, it turned out good minus the ribbon I hate, but I was in too deep to change it. I started to pull out all of the Village pieces and it literally took up the whole living room. I kept making the base wider and wider… and it actually takes up the full diagonal of my living room now. It’s cute; execution I would give myself a 6/10. I have some jazzy ideas for next year to really knock it out of the park, but this is a good start. I will also need a whole condo dedicated to this village if I am going to continue. I also want some more modern day village pieces; like I don’t need a library, a church and a train station honey, it’s 2017.


I had to get an oil change before I went to Airdrie a couple weeks ago and I met the kookiest lady waiting for my car to be done. She was telling me about her family, the job she got laid off from and her now sign-spinning job on Gateway, her house, her realtor, everything under the sun and I loved it. She asked what I was doing for Christmas so I briefly explained that my aunt, uncle and my mom’s families all get together for all of Christmas and Boxing Day and spend it at a hall cooking, eating and playing games. I said it was my Grandma’s only wish for all of us to spend time together, especially around the holidays. She used to host it but the family got too big for anyones house and it started to get overwhelming for my Grandma, so now we rent a little hall with a kitchen downstairs and we all help leading up to and day of. It’s a tradition now, and it’s awesome.

I asked her what she was doing for Christmas because she had talked about her daughter briefly. She said normally they would cook a turkey, but she got two Turducken breasts this year since it would only be the two of them. I didn’t want to pry, but I thought “wow, I can’t imagine my entire Christmas with just one other person”. We continued to chat, and she said that last year she cooked a big turkey and they had lots of leftovers but she didn’t want to do anything big this year because since last Christmas she had lost her only brother and her father. I couldn’t believe it. We lost our Grandma a couple years ago, and it was a totally different experience having Christmas and all of the holiday festivities without her – I can’t imagine losing my last living parent and my only sibling, having to only have my child over for Christmas dinner. I was trying to think what would happen if I lost my parents or my sister or anyone for that matter, how different Christmas would be but how supported I would be from the rest of my family – I would have offers out the wazoo to celebrate with other members of my family.

Moral of the story is that regardless how annoyed I get with my family sometimes, we really are a dime a dozen and the immense amount of gratitude I have for my family, this tradition of spending all of the holidays all together and for my Grandparents that started all of this – and especially for teaching us how important family is and to spend the holidays all together. It’s scary to think that times may change and this might not last, or that one day we won’t have holidays all together, but to stop and be grateful for the times we have had together and still do.

This week we had 2 full days of fun together with 20 some adults and 9 next generation littles; how crazy is that? We don’t always get along, or some family members spend it with their significant other’s family, but how rare is it that we are in a situation with some much family and love.


Well the holidays wouldn’t be complete without a little fun here and there!

Until next time,