Canadian Championships – Ottawa

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  • June 7, 2014

So last week was Canadian Championships in Ottawa – my first national meet since Canada Canada last July. It was also the second year in a row that Ottawa hosted Nationals, thus being my second time to Ottawa.


sanity is over rated.

The week started off slow with an early Monday morning flight from YEG to O-town, then waiting for the rest of the team to arrive, team meetings, etc. Day two was training in Gatineau at the beautiful Unigym, followed by team bonding – where we played 20 “Minute to Win It” games.

Day three consisted primarily of preparing for training… and then training. Training was alright, equipment was good, time seemed a little short but what can ya do.

I decided to pull out of Tumbling before the competition to rest my achilles for DMT – and to not further injure them now that they are starting to feel better.

DMT prelims went well – I finished both of my planned passes and hit a personal best 2-pass score. I finished 6th after prelims. It was a day of distractions and mental strength but could not have been more pleased with my performance.

Friday we had the day off of competing which of course meant sitting in the gym watching our teammates for 12 hours. It was nice to have a day off in the middle to really let prelims sink in, get over it, mentally prepare for finals and ice the shizz out of my shins+achilles. It’s nice to watch everyone else, other disciplines and such without the pressure and stress of having to compete that day.

Finals went alright as well – one planned pass good (821o 822o), second pass was not what we had planned but it’s fine. over it. I ended up placing second, with a decent total score. I’m happy I did 4 passes – we’ve been working on consistency so this was truly a win. I ended up placing 2nd – there were a few crashes from others, and some mistakes here and there. I thought it was a great showing from everyone – a very deep pool of guys this year – it’ll be a tough year to make teams – but competition makes us all better!


hanging out between finals and awards.

hanging out between finals and awards.

Banquet was a GT. Great to socialize with new and old friends, chat, bond, etc. have a few bevy’s.


Some pictures of the eventful week…


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