Canada Cup | Montreal, Part One

Another delightful trip to Montreal!


We left early (for me) Wednesday morning. The flight was mad turbulent so I felt sick the whole time. Fab start to the trip. We got there, got the rental cars AND HEADED OUT ON THE TOWN. Just kidding, I found a lil’ Mexican spot around the hotel and we went there for a late lunch. Wednesday was pretty chill; trying to find our bearings in the city and relax before a long weekend.


Oh, I should also mention that I went Vegan two weeks ago now, so I was vegan through this weekend. So if I had a worse attitude than normal, I will attribute it to my lack of enjoying food ever again.


Thursday we met for Breakfast at Cora’s. I normally get the Raspberries for Lucie (Raspberry and English Cream Crepe) or the Cheddar and Spinach Crepe, but, get this, I got plain oatmeal and fresh fruit. LIVING. It was fine; I accept this is my fate. We went to the mall in the afternoon, and I exercised exceptional self-control by purchasing no items. I had Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce and Onion Rings for lunch – classic white trash combo when you’re vegan.


We had training that night and it went pretty well. The Double-Mini was pretty loose and ours is tight at home so it took a little adjustment, but overall it was pretty good.


Friday Morning I had DMT prelims. Overall they were fine. 2/4 were quite solid, 2/4 need some work! I placed 5thinto finals. I didn’t do Tramp prelims because my shins were sore and I wanted to save myself for DMT finals.


Sunday was DMT finals and it was pretty bad. I rolled my ankle out of my mount on my first pass and went quite crooked. I ended up stepping off the landing zone which is a hefty deduction. Second pass was ok – I would say a 4/10, especially compared to that same pass I competed in prelims. I was not pleased with it, nor was my ankle. It’s never hurt that bad almost immediately after. OH WELL.


Overall the competition was fine. There were some great highs and lot’s of take always, as always. Next weekend (first weekend of May) is Provincials so time to heal up and get back into the gym.


Videos from the weekend:


I stayed in Montreal until Wednesday (2 extra days) and I will post another blog with those shenanigans.


Thanks for stopping by!