king of the world.

Born in a small Alberta town, moved to a slightly larger Alberta city and currently live in Edmonton (an actual city), I’m just a boy with some dreams. My first love was gymnastics; I lived it, breathed it, and watched every VHS available on it. At 16, I moved to Edmonton to pursue training more seriously. Through the ups and downs of moving out, graduating, going to university, here I am.


I still continue to train and am in the midst of figuring out what’s next. I am into travelling, taking amateur photos, writing, creating things, and seeing what the world has to offer beyond my front step. I enjoy style – from fashion to interior design. I have a resting indifferent look on my face that cannot be rivaled. The best meal I’ve ever had was Curry in a hole in the wall in Sarajevo. I can tell a great travel story; although I’ve been told I have a flare for the dramatics. I have a knack for choosing the most expensive thing in a store; it’s just great taste? Macarons are the reason I still have faith in the world, and Spin Class bike seats are the reason I don’t.


So what am I doing; why am I here? Great Q. The original purpose of this space was to share my adventures with those who were interested, without bombarding the majority of my friends on Facebook who didn’t care. Since then, I have dipped my toes into more photography, sharing more of my style, and trying to create a more candid look into my life as an amateur athlete. My only goal is to do what makes me happy; and this is part of it.