3rd Trials Recap!

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  • August 31, 2018

Last Trial of the Year in the books!

Well, I’ve been meaning to update the world (and by world, I mean the 4-6 people that read these bad boys) BUT 3rd National Team Trial was last weekend in Edmonton and I survived. We hosted it at Phoenix, so it turned out to be a lot of work. I was one of two people competing (shoutout to Alex) from Phoenix, so I knew I couldn’t help much during the weekend, so I tried to do as much as I could beforehand. By the time the meet rolled around (Saturday), I was tired but excited to get through it.

Usually when we host events at the gym, it’s a “Cup” (see blog: How the Year Works) and they are relatively un-important compared to this meet, so it was an odd feeling to be at home, at our gym, knowing this was my last shot of the year to make the teams I needed to hit. I realized driving to the gym Saturday morning that these are the moments you work for – competing/performing at home, having friends, family and teammates there, being among a small group of high level athletes with everything on the line. This was one of those moments that I would have given anything for growing up and training by myself in Grande Prairie. It was a nice reminder of what we work for, that the work is worth it, and to step back and enjoy how far you’ve come.

That realization was firmly contrasted by my very mediocre prelims (lolz). Glad I had that moment before I competed, because I was naaaat feeling that after prelims. It was my lowest total score of the 3 Trials and it was my worst performance across 4 pass. I was not thrilled. Finals went really well – I put together 2 strong passes and improved upon what I didn’t like about my prelims and ended up 1st! I will link my passes at the bottom of the post!

We don’t know the official Team to World’s yet… I thought it would have been out by now, so until then we wait.

I leave for Peru on Monday (literally in 2 days). This is probably the fastest turn around time I’ve have between 2 big meets ever. I’m still pooped from the weekend – Training on Tuesday was awful. But Thursday was better. I had to get my shots for Peru yesterday and my arm is still killing me – so much for being tough.

We are in Peru for a week – the flights we got booked arrive a day early and leave a day later because it was much cheaper so hopefully we actually get a chance to see some stuff. I don’t really know what to expect, the last South American trip I went on was when I was 15 so I have a much more open mind to this one. This weekend I am training and getting ready to go, and catching up on sleep.

I am actually excited to go now; all the pressure of hitting scores and making teams is over, and now we can all go out there and just do our bests for ourselves. The last few years have been rough trying to get back into this position, so I am very grateful to be here and have these opportunities again, so I will try to savour it as best I can!