21 QUESTIONS | end of April edish.

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  • April 29, 2017

in light of the competition season upon us, I thought I’d answer some question about myself so we can ALL get to know each other better.

Favorite Book: non fiction – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, fiction – any James Patterson Book is cool with me.

Hero: Steve Irwin – palpable passion, died doing what he loved (saving and educating the world), left an amazing legacy – his work will live on forever.

Favorite Athlete: Maria Sharapova – composed, hard-worker, doesn’t deal with the BS, paved her own way.

First Competition Memory: staying in a hotel in Edmonton, sleeping on a Flip Out Couch having a hard time falling asleep. I remember being the only person Trampoline who didn’t have longs, I didn’t know what order to go in, which routine to do first and in my head I felt like I crushed the meet (in hindsight, I know it was atrocious).

First International Competition: World Age Groups 2007 in Quebec City. Couldn’t handle the Russians budging me in line. Absolutely tanked.

Favorite City: Prague or Budapest – beautiful, unlimited architecture to see and appreciate, a slower paced “vibe” that I could enjoy a coffee in every morning without feeling like I have so much do.

Least Favorite City: Paris? It was cold as hell when we went in November, the Louvre was closed, I had a term paper to do that was awful.

Favorite Blog: Website? Valet – it has good fashion, cool things to look it, lot’s of great tips and it’s easy to navigate.

Biggest Strength/Biggest Flaw: Honesty/Honesty.


Best Competition: 2012 Pan American Championships – Mexico. Came off of a bad meet in Portugal, hit all routines, ending with the highest results across the board of any meet ever.

Worst Competition: 2013 Nationals – Ottawa. Fell on my head in my first Tumbling pass in the middle of the floor, fell on my face on my second pass at the end of the floor (on the rods) – didn’t make finals (SHOCKINGLY!). Screwed up First DMT pass, fell in finals. Review: 0/10.

Favorite Song: Most played on my phone – Shots [Broiler Remix] – Imagine Dragons –> side note, it’s not about partying.

Favorite Pre-Competition Song: Something slow? Lana Del Rey something?

Favorite Training Song: Upbeat! Girls Like by Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson?

Your Theme Song: Talk by Coldplay

Enjoy most about doing Gymnastics: doing new skills, making friends across the globe, trying to be perfect day in, day out.

Enjoy least about doing Gymnastics: working out, the monotony of doing the same thing over and over.

Favorite Sport outside Gymnastics: to watch Tennis, to play Volleyball.

If you do another sport at this level, what would it be? Tennis; and I would make a fortune.

Your definition of success: going to bed knowing you did everything you wanted to do that day to get where you want to go; waking up with a purpose; being able to enjoy a beautiful new adventure without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.