2017: exit comfort zone (part 1)

well well well, if it isn’t 2017.

Just like everyone else, I start the year with reflection and resolutions. This is the first year where I don’t feel tremendous pressure to figure out what is next, what I want to accomplish and to FIND happiness. I feel like I’ve found happiness and contentment in knowing what I want to do and accomplish now. I am not where I want to be, but where I want to go is (finally) very, very clear. I heard (through Kathy Griffin’s book, of all places) that she was once told “I know a lot of people that got everything they ever want, and it went down the toilet pretty quick!” – and I couldn’t agree more. Always be grateful, but always seek more. Help more people; inspire others. Find more happiness; create better relationships. Pursue your goals; settle for more.


So, in light of a fresh ass year upon us, I am going to go out of my comfort and share some tales as they come. I mean, were like 10 days in and it’s already shit show.

  1. Cook more / Eat out less / Eat more healthy.

My cooking is the hottest disaster North of the Border. The main issue is that I get bored too quick, and I hate cleaning up. So here are some of the cooking adventures I have gotten into so far:



2. My New Vloggggggggging series

I find it awkward to be on Camera, and sharing things about myself, and being less private (I think I walk the line pretty well on this blog). So, by popular demand and a little pressure from friends, I have started Vlogging. I did a trial run when I was in Toronto and it was actually quite fun – the result was 5/10 but I think I can do better. I am a big fan of a lot of Vlogs and do find them helpful and aspirational – so I’m hoping I can do that for others! I can also conquer some fears in the process and hopefully reach a bigger audience! They will mostly be training based, but we will see what it morphs into!

Here is my first go at it:

3. I am finally realizing my destiny of becoming Missy Elliott and taking a Hip Hop class


Dis boy can’t dance. But after many jokes, Mel and I have decided to sign up for a Hip Hop class. Primarily for fun, secondarily for fitness. I am actually quite excited, and have no idea what to expect. I feel as an athlete, it’s awkward to put yourself out there in some other sport that you aren’t good at. I go in and do a sport, everyday, that I am good at!


Should I go buy my High Tops today?