1st Cup!

1st Cup was a lot of fun! Training this past month has gone really well - super motivated, working on new moves and genuinely feel like I'm improving. It was an interesting experience preparing for a meet in Grande Prairie since I had never competed there and it was my home town. I felt an extra degree of pressure to do well and represent the hard work I've done over the years adequately. It was weird to be home, stay in my own room and drive my own vehicle to the gym, but for a competition, not training. Although the meet itself had some hiccups, I did compete well. It was my first meet since Portugal in October, and my first Provincial meet since last April - so I wasn't entirely sure how it was all going to play out. It was also my first meet doing Trampoline and Tumbling only - no DMT. For once, I actually had fun and enjoyed the experience. I feel like I've matured and can handle different situations much better now than ever before - like competing in front of a home crowd. Overall, I am very grateful for the experience and it's always nice to compete in front of supporters. It was also great to see my family, little cousins and have them come out and see what I do firsthand.