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Thursday night was the Zoolander Fashion Show at the Valley Zoo, a fundraiser for the Zoo’s Grevy Zebra’s. It was tons o’ fun – dressing up, going to an 18+ event (no kids, thank gaaaaad), be openly pretentious for 3 hours, seeing some animals up close and seeing some cool clothes.

We got there early, as VIPs we cannot be late – no tardy for the party – to grab some bevys and see some animals before the show. The zoo was closed, and since we got there early, there was essentially no one in the zoo. It was neat but eerie to walk around the zoo without anyone, especially no bratty kids. We saw a couple animals, including wolves that were losing their minds. It was a pretty quiet night and the wolves howling was mad eerie. There were a couple food trucks within the zoo, a couple tables from local stores and a silent auction. All of our feet hurt and we wanted to get good seats (and possibly another glass of wine) before the show we went back to the lobby early.

The zoo looked great, it was held in the lobby – just after the entrance, before admission. They had a ¬†little runway and about 75 chairs surrounding it. There were 2 “bars”, a VIP and regular admission. We learned afterwards that all of the bartenders were member of the ARK project, the organization that put on the show so that was neat.

The theme for the night was Black and White, semi-formal, an ode to the Zebra’s. It was cool to see so many participate actively and see some good fashion! There were only a few people that weren’t B+W, and they stood out, awkwardly. It was definitely a younger crowd which was neat to see. The Fashion lines were cute, only one line had menswear but it was still awesome.

In between each designer, they brought out an animal or two and spoke about them, conservation, etc. It was a great tie in and a great way to market to a younger demographic. The grand finale was bringing Lucy, the sole Asian elephant at the Zoo, out in the lobby after the show was over. Most people, I’m assuming, had seen her before but it was too cool to see her so close. I could’ve touched her, but I didn’t because I’m respectful… or I was scared shitless of the consequences.

After a fringe play Tuesday, Nicki Minaj Wednesday and the Fashion Show Thursday, Mel and I decided that being Socialites is a hard job. Getting ready, putting on a happy face, mingling, and drinking is harder than it seems people. It was mad fun, but work none the less. My average day is a sweatsuit so button ups seem like the man version of spanx – restricting and bulging.